Tostone Processing Production Line In Panama

December 11, 2023

(Banana/Tostone processing production line for Panama customers in 2021)-- Orders of 150,000U.S.dollars in three months

The first month:discuss customer needs and customize the plan. We advice the 500kg/h tostone processing production line for him. It consists of banana peeling machine-banana bubble washing machine-banana cutting machine-banana drying machinecontinuous fryer-forming machine-packaging machine.

The second month:customers compare their peers,confirm the deal with us,determine the plan and PI.

The third month: waiting for the client company to register and pay the deposit.

The customer has professional engineers,and we actively cooperate to provide the required information; the installation has been completed, and the production will be carried out soon in the stage of debugging the machine.

In the discussion process, the customer’s requirements for the project were collected, and then customized solutions were made; the customer analyzed in the received quotation that we are indeed the source factory, because the pictures and videos we provide are all up to date, and there are a lot of materials available. Share with customers; the solution is the most suitable for customers, and the price is very reasonable.

I am especially grateful to my client and his family for their trust in us. I believe you will get a very good harvest. If you want to know more details, please contact us as soon as possible.


Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

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