Pork Rinds Continuous Frying Machine In Australia

December 11, 2023

One my Austrlia customer Mike sent inquiry on 2021/11/1 for the continuous fryer machine, which is used pork chips. We are professional on all kinds of chips frying machine, in short time we checked his requirements well and prepared quotation, Mike is not first time to order machine from China, so he knew Chinese market well and easily got different quotations from suppliers, as he said, totally 8 offers with different price.


When we first started negotiations and I shared many factory workshop&show room picture and video, ISO certification, CE certification and different customers bank copy to show our strong power, but seem like these information can’t convince him so much and he cared more on our machine quality and pork chips effect, yes, I can understand his worries so much, so we promised him we can test his frying machine before shipping, also he agreed to send to some sample for testing.


Just when I thought we could close the deal soon Mike told me he got lower 15% price than mine but same machine, it is so unbelievable for me, we are direct supplier with more than 20 years maunfacturer experiences on food processing machine, I never believe so different price with same quality in my heart, and asked main machine information from Mike, so happy he sent to me 2 offers(only machine picture and parameter without price and company information) very soon . As I thought these two offer machine belt width, machine material thickness is not better than us, just these two points, so the final pork chips capacity is not enough.Most importantly was we provided whole frying system but they only had fryer, also the frying tank design inside is not suitable for the pork chips. After that, Mike does trust we are professional in it.


QC before order is Mike’s habit, so the third party went to our factory to measure and touch machine quality by themselves, also checked our raw material warehouse, raw material processing equipments, show room, engineer team, lots of machine in stock etc. Everything is same like what I promised him before, and there is no doubts we got “A” and pass the inspection.


Soon Mike hopes to get invoice and makes down payment, and never asked me for discount, I believe in his heart, we are the best one among so many suppliers, finally we got his deposit on 2021/12/7. Whole project takes less one month time, it is that our factory strong power and professional technical team win the order.


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