KAVA Processing Machine In Fiji

December 11, 2023

Good products can always be chosen- (Provide KAVA processing machines for Fijian customers in 2021)

In August,I got to know this customer through a video conference arranged by a Chinese friend. During this meeting,  the customer communicated with 5 suppliers in turn; I briefly introduced the basic situation of our company to the customer and explained that I have worked with customers in Fiji. And it is also processing KAVA, and at the same time, I am also discussing the same equipment for the second purchase with this customer who has cooperated, and the customer is very satisfied. Then we confirmedn the main machine: bubble washing machine-high pressure washing machine-washed kava drying machine-kava peeling machine-kava slicing machine.

After the meeting, I added the customer's WhatsApp to discuss this project again, and posted many pictures and videos of our factory. Maybe the customer is busy in the local area and there is no chat for a month.

Finally, in October, the custome rasked his company's purchasing department to contact me to confirm the plan, and then proceed through the company's various processes, and complete the transaction in October.

These two Fijian customers compared the products and price to many companies, and finally chose us-YAZHONG.

If you want to know more details, please contact us as soon as possible. 


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