200 -250kg/h Small Fried Dough sticks Frying Line From Mexico

December 11, 2023

This customer from is our loyal customer last year. After he ordered our round fryer, he gave me a good comment. This year he decided to fry dough stick and contacted our sale again.

This time Elsa started to make a best solution for his needs, which the capacity is 200-250kg/h by fully automatic operation without oil tank and Oil filter equipment. Then our cusomer offer the parameters of equipment. Our engineer redesigned the best solution for him. One of the biggest features is that dispersal device of feed port on continuous frying machine. By this machine food will be uneasily touched with each other. In order to meet 200kg/h -250kg/h capacity, the designer made a 5500mm long fyer with 800mm wide mesh belt by gas heating. Finally, the client agreed this solution and give us a good like on our website.

snacks frying line

Here are some details of parameters helping you know the frying line easily:



Work method

Continuous fryer



Deoiling machine


Fully automatic

Mesh belt elevator



Seasoning machine



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