Sugar Beets potato washing and peeling machine Russia

December 11, 2023

Inquiry Date: Nov 29, 2021

Requirement: 100kg/h beet, potato washing and peeling machine in Russia

Solution: We recommended a vegetable washing and peeling machine and an elevator.

The Russian customer’s inquiry elevator and vegetable washing and peeling machine process sugar beets and potatoes. After confirming the customer’s output and materials, the customer provided a matching solution and quotation. During the communication with the customer, the customer also found other trades. Suppliers, inform customers of the product quality of these two traders. The other company used to be a trader with our factory and used our product picture information to trick customers. One is a small-size manufacturer and uses poor quality. The raw materials and products do not meet industrial requirements. After showing customers a large number of real transaction customers and various details of our equipment, they dispelled customers' doubts and convinced customers of the strength of our factory and the quality of our equipment.

Russian customers import from China for the first time and have many concerns. We not only provide customers with the most professional solutions and suitable machine models, but also provide customers with a variety of true and reliable customer feedback and cases, so that customers can be more assured and convinced. Although our price is not the most advantageous, because of our professionalism and patience, customers can see the strength of a factory.

Finally, he chose our solution.

yazhong potato sugar beets peeling machine


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