Chin Chin Frying Plant Cost In Nigeria

December 11, 2023

----------Machine changes life

Nigeria is a city in Nigeria with a large population and a developed food industry. There are many local specialties. Among them, "Chin chin" is a traditional fried pasta, which is deeply loved by the locals. It has always been handmade. Yazhong Machinery produced an automated chin chin processing line, which is not only sold to Nigeria, but also to India, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

A customer from Nigeria originally made Chin chin by hand. He contacted Nina of Yazhong Machinery and told her that he wanted to open a food factory and had a small budget. He hoped that Nina would make him a customized solution. It was given to the customer, but the customer found nine suppliers for comparison, and even some suppliers' prices were lower than those given by Joyshine. The customer did not understand the difference. Nina told the customer that with the same configuration, the machine's material, service life, and after-sales service of each supplier are different. In the next communication, the customer asked Nina to provide photos, videos, usage, and manuals of each machine from all angles. Nina provided all of them to the customer. The customer finally decided to cooperate with Yazhong Machinery.

The customer has no import experience. Nina helped the customer find a double-clearing freight forwarder. The customer only needs to pick up the goods directly at the port. After receiving the goods, they will immediately put into production and use. After one year, the customer's business has basically stabilized. The Chin chin he produced is in available in various shops and supermarkets in Nigeria.

In modern times that require high efficiency, more and more people choose to use machine to improve production and living efficiency. In the future, machinery will increasingly change the lives of thousands people.

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