Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine To Poland

June 08, 2022

2 Units of customized vegetable and fruit bubble washing machine Delivery to Irap this week. Our worker has checked the details carefully in order to make sure the parts can be loaded well.

After 30 days producing and testing, 2 units of vegetable and fruit washing machine (also named bubble washing machine) were finished producing.  The capacity can be 300kg/h. To meet our client’s requirement, Yazhong offers customized service for our Polnad friend.

The Advantage of vegetable washing machine

1. Equip Ozone device 

2. Equip waste filter to reduce mix the products and get high quality products

3. No damage to products during washing process.

4. Wide application, such as leafy vegetable, root vegetable, fruit and so on.

5. Equip high pressure water spray to clean vegetable and fruit well and quickly. 

 Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine To Poland

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