2022 New Type French Fries Machine

June 08, 2022

Now French Fries Machine is updating in Yazhong. Our engineer designs a new type french fries machine to meet our clients’ need better. Meanwhile, to expand the market share, this new type will promote soon all over the wolrd in 2022. 

There are several difference comparing to 2021 type below:

1. The width of the blade is lengthened to 13cm, the effect of French fries cut out is better.

2.The appearance of the machine is polished smoothly, and workers will not be hurt.

3. The volume of the machine is larger than the original, and the weight is more than 30kg than the original.

4.We can customize the feed port by changing the size of the feed port.

If you want to know more details, please contact us as soon as possible.



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