Root Vegetable Peeling Machine in Tanzania

February 14, 2023

I am so happy for our client from Tanzania, whose products has been finished now. After 3 days, he will receive his goods.

 ship root vegetable peeling machine to Tanzania

Why did our clients choose root vegetbale peeling machine?

As an wssential equipment for catering establishments, our brush-type washing and peeling machine is suitable for various root/stem vegetables and fruits with functions of washing, removing hair and mud, and peeling.

The brush type root vegetable washing peeling machine designde and manufactured by our company is a horizontal cleaning and peling machine, which is mainly used to process root/stem vegetables adn fruits. It is essential equipment for catering establishments, vegetables and fruitss deep processing plants, and food processing industries, etc.

Features of brush-type vegetable fruit peeling machine

1. Suitable for various root/stem vegetables and fruits, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, taros, raddishes, kiwi fruits and pumpkin and cassava, etc.

2. Integrating the functions of washing, removing hair and mud, peeling; and available for independent cleaning as well as simultaneous cleaning and peeling.

3. Adopting a specially-designed working brush, haveing thorough cleaning and peeling effects without damage to products.

4. Equipped with an automatic spray device to help final washing and peeling.

5. Made of quaity stainless steel, durable and conforming to the hygienic standard.

6. Capable of continuous work, great processing capacity, hih efficiency, low energy consumption.

How to operate brush type oot vegetable washing peeling machine properly

1. The machine should be started first to make brush rollers rotato before placing products, to avoid overload for starting to ensure a long and stable working performance.

2. Then switch on the spray system and place produts in the machine for processing.

3. After washing and peeling, opem the discharging hole to discharge the products. 

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