French fries IQF Machine to Zambia

February 09, 2023

Good news for everyone, 50kg/batch iqf machine with 60 plastic plates will be shipped to Zambia on Jan 6th,2023.

Our worker has loaded them in the morning, after packing goods.



Why do our clients choose this kind machine? Here will offer you more information and details about our machine?

As our official website said, there are two types machine for you to choose. Iqf machine and continuous freezing machine.

What is the advantage of french fries iqf machine?

The iqf process involves sending food pieces through a cold blast that flash freezes the food pieces individually. Packaging occurs after freezing, so they will remain individual pieces instead of freezing together. IQF works because it forms smaler ice crystals that are not damaging to the cells in the food product.

How does the iqf machine work?

Mechanical iqf freezers work on the principle of cold air circulation, which flows from underneath the bed plate or transport belt with the help of fans. The cold airflow passes through the freezer towards the exit.

What foods are suitable for iqf freezing?

Iqf is ideally used to freeze small food products since it helps keep each piece intact.

Fruit:(blueberries, strawberries, blackberries)

Vegetable(corn. Peas, green beans)

Seafood(shrimp, scallops)

Poultry(chicken breasts)

Frozen meat, seafood


if you want to know more details, please send quotations as soon as possible. We will be here in 24 hours. 

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