How to Make Fried Sweet Potato Chips ?

September 04, 2020

How to make fried sweet potato chips? Sweet potato chips are made from fresh sweet potatoes, with high nutritious value. When fresh sweet potatoes are cooked by baking, small variable changes in micronutrient content occur to include a higher content of vitamin C at 24% of the Daily Value per 100 g serving, as well as an increase in polyphenol levels. Sweet potato chips are good for people’s health and popular around the world with special sweet, luster, crispy and beautiful color.

This is the production process of commercially making sweet potato chips. The complete Sweet Potato Chips Production Line includes:

1. Selecting : Pick out the fresh sweet potatoes with suitable size. Get rid of the ones with decay, diseases and insect pests.

2. Washing and peeling : Use the potato washing and peeling machine. Wash away the sediment and dirt on the surface of the sweet potatoes and peel them. When peeling, cut off the parts with black patches.

3. Slicing : Use the chips slicer machine. Adjust the machine to make the thickness 2.0mm~4.0mm. Get the finished chips of similar size, uniform, and thickness.

4. Blanching : Put the the finished slices into the 1.0%~3.0%NaCl solution to blanch for 0.5~2.0 min until the sweet potato slices turn into transparent.

5. Cooling and dehydrating : Use the flowing water to cool the slices or use the 7℃ circulating water to cool the slices to 15℃. Then use the potato chips dehydration machine to remove the water on the surface of the cooling slices.

6. Freezing : Use the freezing machine to freeze the sweet potato chips until the chips temperature is -18℃. Freeze the sweet potato chips can volatilize quickly in frying process and produce a large number of mesh structure to make product crispy and the surface smooth.

7. Frying : Heat the oil to 110℃, and set the compensation temperature as 75℃. Then fry the sweet potato chips for 2min, and keep the oil temperature is above 78℃ with the compensation heating until frying is done.The technology of vacuum low temperature frying can retain the nutrition of the sweet potatoes without damage.

8. De-oiling : Use the potato chips de-oiling machine to remove the oil on the surface of the sweet potato chips. Put the slices in the machine and rotate for 6min. The oil content is a key of the high quality chips.

9. Packaging : Use Nitrogen & Vacuum potato chips packing machine which can prevent the oxidation reaction and extent the sweet potato chips shelf life.

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