How long do you deep need fry frozen french fries?

November 29, 2021

French fries are popular in many countries. There are many online tips and recipes on how to make french fries. According to the ways to get the real again, but fried out always greasy, soft, and later to buy their own potatoes, after several attempts, finally blasted out of the crunchy chips. Nowadays, quick-frozen french fries is much popular in many countries.It is a potato product processed by peeling, cutting, cooking, drying, frying, and quick-freezing of fresh potatoes. It is a fast food and snack food that is very popular in European and American countries.

The biggest difference between quick-frozen fries and ordinary fries is the frying time. How long do you deep need fry frozen french fries? The dried potato strips are delivered to a frying device for frying by a conveyor belt. The oil temperature is controlled at 170-180 ° C and the frying time is about 30-50 seconds. The deep-fried french fries are pre-cooled and then frozen in a quick-freezer. The quick-freezing temperature is controlled below -36 degrees Celsius to ensure that the core temperature of the potato product falls below -18 degrees Celsius within 18 minutes.

Yazhong offers a kind of Continuous Fryer Machine for perfectly processing frozen french fries. The continuous fryer machine adopts electric heating or gas heating, which is safe and hygienic. The heating tube is installed in the heat-conducting oil layer.

It does not contact food and does not need to be cleaned. The edible oil absorbs the heat of the hot oil to raise the temperature. The phenomenon of rapid oil aging can extend the life of edible oil by more than 1.5 times; it has high safety and the heating tube is completely sealed to avoid the fire that may be caused by the exposed heating tube. The fryer is equipped with a slag scraping system that can continuously fry the oil residue generated during the process is taken away from the bottom. The main mesh belt is provided with an anti-floating mesh belt to prevent the product from floating in the fryer to ensure the frying effect of the product. The top cover of the fryer has a condensation water collection function to prevent condensation water droplets from returning to the oil tank. Hot oil splashing can cause personal burns. The heating temperature of the fryer can be set according to the product process requirements.

The United States is the world's largest producer and exporter of French fries, and its processed fries account for more than 50% of the total potato. The processing ratios of frozen fries in other countries are: 74.8% in the Netherlands; 55.2% in Belgium; 54.3% in Sweden; 44.3% in the United Kingdom; and 39% in Germany. Japan, South Korea and some Southeast Asian countries and regions are the major consumers and importers of frozen potato sticks.

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