Potato Washing And Peeling Line From Bolivia

December 11, 2023

Quotation date: May 5th, 2021

Order date: Aug 15th, 2021

Yazhong Sale: April Zhang

Inquiry content: I'm interested in potato washing and peeling line , kindly send me the video demo. How many types of two machine do you have? Is 300kg/h capacity available?

Aiming to this inquiry, firstly April sent videos and picture to our client. And answer the questions from our clients one by one. Then told our customer don’t worry about certificate in need. We will have them and introduce the details of our products.

The question 1. How many types of potato washing and peeling line do you have?

Answer 1: About this questions, the line is consisted of bubble washing machine, elevator, roller peeling machine.

There are normal three models information of bubble washing machine as below:

3m length, can reach 300kgh leafy vegetable, 500kg/h root vegetable
4m length, can reach 500kgh leafy vegetable, 800-1000kg/h root vegetable
5m length is suitable for bigger capacity, over 1ton/h
And we also provide OEM service, just feel free tell me your requirements, I will try the best to support suitable solution.

The question 2. Is 300kg/h capacity available?

Answer 2: Attachment is my UAE customer 500kg/h apple washing line quotation for reference, will you need elevator and air drying line to help finishing whole washing process.

As you may know, different vegetable the proportion is different, such as 3m length washing machine can wash leafy vegetable 300kg/h, but root vegetable ( potato, apple etc) can reach 500-600kg/h, so i have to know your main product and capacity per hour then suggesting suitable machine model. May I know your raw material, then I can recommend your best suitable solutions.

The question 3. What is the washer machine conveyor belt made from? 

Answer 3: Stainless steel 304, the conveyor belt mesh size range is 3-10 mm, usually it is 3 mm if no special requirements.

The question 4. Can we add any ozone during the washing process? If so, do we need to fix any more functions? 

Answer 4: Yes. For the leafy vegetable washing, you can add the ozone system to remove the residual pesticides and fertilizers, attachment picture is ozone system picture for reference, also the update quotation add the ozone system price already, pls check it.

The question 5. How do we know that the vegetables are clean enough and conform to the requirements of hygienic and export regulations? 

Answer 5: For the washing line, mainly function is removing dirty and  some pesticide and fertilizer residues, before our USA, UAE, Fiji, Ecuador, Peru, Bhutan etc customer bought this machine for vegetable and fruit washing exporting, no problem totally. But if you have special requirements for washing, pls let me know to see if can customize extra function for you.

After one month of communications, our client learned more about our potato washing and peeling line. Until mid-Aug, 2021, our Ecuador client made a order in Yazhong and hoped we could cooperate again.

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