Peanut Frying Line Russia

December 11, 2023

It is one Russia regular client who lives in Moscow city, we have cooperated three times since first cooperation.

I got his first message is at Whatsapp, he is from our website to talk about peanut frying line and make some peanut butter on June 26, 2020, he is new for this business. Why he decide to make peanut business? He once saw that one machine to fry peanuts and cashews while travelling in Vietnam, he know well this business has a bright markets and further for him. He told me that that night he just looked through our website, suddenly, he found my frying machines are deeply attracted him, so I got his message at whatsapp, but he told me he is new and do not know the process and what machines is necessary for him to start this business, he wanna try this business and attach great importance to this business with his friend, I gave him some introduction how to make fried peanuts and our factory’s power to increase his confidence in this business, after communicating with us, I felt his determination.

From our briefly talking, I knew he is a newcomer and Fast decision maker, from his business budget and peanut source, we decided one middle frying plant not so big for him.

After the first night communication, because different time zone, so next day when I came back to office, I made one equipment list for him, including conveyor, continuous frying machine, deoiling machine and continuous seasoning machine, after our deep communication I understood his place do not have enough electricity for this line, then we changed electricity heating tubes and made double heating source for him so that the fryer can fast heat and do not effect frying.

Through our professional and fast communication, he confirmed this order on July 7, because it is his first time import something from overseas, I helped him to have understanding of import process from China to Russia, then he found one forwarder on the recommendation of a friend to help him handle all import matters.On July 10 , the client said that he understood very well of machines and dont have any problems, so he planned to arrange payment at next week, then I made one Invoice for him in his company’s name.

Next time, we talked about shipping and payment made by his friend. Then this year, he put two orders of our machines, he showed his He recognized me and our company, and appreciated our quick response and professional guidance in the communication. He said that he would expand the production scale, replace the frying line and purchase the packaging machine very soon.


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