Strawberry Fruit Cleaning MachineStrawberry Fruit Cleaning MachineStrawberry Fruit Cleaning Machine
Strawberry Fruit Cleaning MachineStrawberry Fruit Cleaning MachineStrawberry Fruit Cleaning Machine

Strawberry Fruit Cleaning Machine

clean 300~400 kgs of vegetables or fruits in an hour.

Built-up Area: 1000 square feet’s (preferably open shed with a proper drainage system

3000 liters overhead water storage facility

500 liters per hour Reverse Osmosis water treatment and storage facility for final product wash.

15~20 kW three-phase power connection.

2-3 people to operate the plant.


Strawberry washing machine is designed for washing and cleaning strawberries for industrial use. The strawberry washing machine using the actions and forces of water bubbles, which can effectively remove the dirt and other foreign materials from the strawberries.
Industrial strawberry washing machine using a variety of types to clean fruits and vegetables several times, not only to completely wash vegetables and fruits of the soil surface, but also to wash vegetables and fruits surface pesticide medicine. Bubble type strawberry washing machine is suitable for fruit and vegetable cleaning materials, mainly for vegetables, fruit cleaning etc. The machine uses with arc angle with the cone bottom design, easy to clean, with a high-pressure spray, better cleaning effect, wider range.

vegetable fruit washing machine

Video of strawberry fruit cleaning machine 

Features of Industrial Strawberry Washing Machine

※ Stainless steel design. With advanced technology and innovative design, the strawberry cleaning machine commercial can wash and clean the strawberries gently, while remove the debris effectively.

※ Great versatility. The strawberry washing machine can not only wash strawberries but also other veggies and fruits, like leafy vegetables, root vegetables, apple, mango, and so on.

※ Customized design. With rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design fruit and vegetable washing machines to suit your needs.

※ Robust structure. The strawberry washing machine is durable and stable, which is suitable for long term operation.

※ This set of berry washing machine can also be used to process other fruit or vegetables like blueberry, raisin, apple, orange, lemon, kiwi, tomato, carrot, broccoli florets etc.


1. Restaurant, kitchen, food factory, farm etc.
2. The multifunction vegetables washing line is not only suitable for small farmers, but also serves supermarkets, grocery shops, commercial and institutional. catering services, food processors, sauces, and vinegar makers.

3. This bubble washing machine is widely used with other machines to combine one whole processing line, like vegetable cutting machine, brush polishing machine and air drying machine

4. The best feature of the washing machine is, it can also clean the roots and leafy vegetables through an adjustment in the washing cycle.

Performance Parameter

Parameters of mango fruit washing machine





















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