Small Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying MachineSmall Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying MachineSmall Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying Machine
Small Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying MachineSmall Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying MachineSmall Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying Machine

Small Scale Vegetable And Fruit Vacuum Frying Machine

Capacity: 50-300kg/h

Raw material: Various vegetables & fruit

Fruit and vegetable crisps production line

Vegetable and fruit peeling machine- slicing machine- bubble washing machine - blanching machine - cooler - soaking pool - elevator -vibrating screen - freezer - vacuum fryer - seasoning machine - packaging machine


Introduction to fruit and vegetable crisps

Fruit and vegetable crisp belongs to a kind of dehydrated fruit and vegetable food, known as vacuum low-temperature dehydrated fruit and vegetable crisp, referred to as VF.  The product fully retains water. Fruit and vegetable nutrition composition and color flavor, with pure natural, low fat, low calorie characteristics, crisp taste, fresh and natural, is currently in the world.

A popular fashion leisure food. Keep the original color, flavor and nutrition of the product .Product shelf life is extended 

Introduction of vacuum frying machine

Vacuum low temperature dehydration of food, due to the existence of vacuum (≤ -0.099mpa), dehydration occupies a very important position, so in the significance.  It is different from normal temperature frying.  Vacuum low temperature dehydration was developed in the early 1970s, because the product is better than the general traditional frying process. After the 90's, the development of the technology is faster and the application scope is wider.  This kind of food retains the original flavor and flavor of its ingredients well. 

Nourishing ingredients, delicious taste, a wide range of products with high added value, so it has broad prospects for development.  

The basic principle of vacuum low-temperature dehydration is to reduce the evaporation temperature of water in food under the condition of decompression, which can dehydrate rapidly in a short time. To achieve dehydration of food under low temperature conditions.  As a heating medium for food dehydration, hot oil can also play an important role in improving food flavor.  In China, fruit and vegetable crisp products are called "21st century food".  Vacuum low temperature dewatering equipment vacuum pump unit is the core equipment of fruit and vegetable crisp processing, with simple operation and maintenance, reliability and high processing efficiency, energy saving and other remarkable characteristics, processing products, can meet the requirements of high quality.  

Video of vacuum frying machine

 The working principle of vacuum frying machine

vegetable chips vacuum fryer price

(1) Because the product is processed in a vacuum tank, the dehydration of fruits and vegetables is carried out at a relatively low temperature, so the nutritional content of the food is maintained and the natural color flavor is not damaged by high temperature, so in the sense of room temperature fried food is very different, its basic principle is to use in decompression conditions, oil and the three different physical phenomena of water, (-) the boiling point of oil and water decreased (oil at about 80℃, water at about 40℃); 

(2) After reaching the boiling point, water is separated from liquid to gas;  Oil is different;  (three) the proportion of oil and water is different, and the water in the material can be replaced at the high boiling point, and the water can be made in a short time fruit, vegetables and other materials rapidly dehydrated.  

Features of the equipment

1. Low temperature

2. Less loss of nutrients on food puffing effect  

3. Slow deterioration of oil

4. Less oil consumption

5. Fast evaporation of water

6. Short drying time


1. All kinds of vegetables and fruit

2. It is used for food processing plant, vegetable and fruit processing plant, etc.

Performance Parameter

Technical parameter:








Dehydrating tank,tank liner, cage for 304 food grade stainless steel   Material: stainless steel matt plate


15KW (electrical heating)

Steam pressure

0.35~0.4 Mpa

final vacuum

-0.095Mpa~-0.098Mpa(electrical heating)

Operating temperature


Control system

Automatically controlled by micro computer(autoamatic/manual two gears)

Deoiling speed

0~ 300turn/min(adjustable)

Deoiling way

build-in deoiling


Maximum caging capacity 8kg/times

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