Turnover Basket Washing Machine Delivery To Thailand

May 23, 2022

2 Units of customized Turnover Basket Washing machines Delivery to Thailand this week.

After 30days producing and testing, 2 units of turnover basket washing machine (also named tray washing machine) were finished producing. Product performance characteristics of Tindo Turnover Basket Washing machines:

1. Made of all stainless steel to meet the national regulations on food hygiene;

2. The electrical appliances are waterproof to avoid the electrical appliances from being burnt out due to the humid environment;

3. The electrical appliance has overload protection and leakage protection to ensure the personal safety of the operator;

4. The frequency converter is used for speed regulation with high accuracy;

5. In order to make the water temperature in the washing section meet the cleaning requirements and make the turnover box clean thoroughly, a domestic famous brand temperature sensor is used;

6. The interior of the whole machine is designed with a spray type, which makes the cleaning process uniform and the yield is high.

7. Equipped with automatic entry and exit function, automatic overflow device.

Also these 2 units turnover basket washing machine with hot air drying function, it can make the baskets 99% dried after pass-through this machine. No need extra sunshine drying.

basket washing machine

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