Food Dewatering And Deoiling Machine To America

July 08, 2022

On July 6 units food dewatering and deoiling machines will be delivered to America. Our worker finished them within 15 days. After testing the machine, Yazhong decided to ship them on June 25 so that our customer can have them in time to produce potato chips, french fries etc.

4 advantages to choose our food dewatering and deoiling machine

1. Adopt sus304 material to use for longer time

2. It equips variable-frequency drive to control the speed of circle. It is easy to operate the machine for people.

3. Suitable for all kinds of material, such as fried snacks, fried seafood, fried meat, fried puff food, washed vegetable and fruit and so on.

4. Meanwhile it can help you reduce cost for your business.


 Zhucheng Yazhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

If you want to know more details, please contact us as soon as possible. At the same time, we still have other type for you, bottom discharge deoiling and dewatering machine.



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