Chicken Feet Processing Machine To Russia

March 16, 2023

100kg/h Chicken Feet Processing Line consists of chicken feet blanching machine,chicken claws peeling machine and chicken feet cutting machine. It is delivered to Russia yesterday.


As we know, the clients is the biggest food supplier in Russia . Mainly produce all kinds of chicken feet products for export, such as chicken thigh, chicken feet and so on.


Yazhong's Chicken Feet Processing Line has better efficiency and lower energy consumption.

1. Bigger capacity. You can process 150-250Kgs chicken feet per hour.

2. Shortest blanching time. It only needs 15-20min.

3. More reliable design and quality. We choose the top brand parts, which give you reliable quality.

4. Wide appilications. Some machine is not only suitable for chicken,meat, but also vegetable, fruit, seafood etc.


We pay attention on chicken claws processing line reliable, lower energy consumption, shorter blanching time and better taste.

If you want to choose good price Chicken Feet Processing Line from the food machine factory in China, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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